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Why Anderson?

Planning a bus trip can seem like a daunting task, but we are here to help! Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you need more info, call or email us. 

Policies FAQs

How is Anderson adhering to the CDC guidelines regarding Covid-19? 
We have enhanced our sanitization process, equipped our vehicles with the ActivePure Air Filtration System and have provided our employees with personal protection equipment such as masks and gloves. To learn more, visit our CLEAN CARE information page. 

How is seating on board the coach being handled during Covid-19? 
Seating on board the coach is at the discretion of the chartering party. However, the first 2 seats on each side (4 seats total) are reserved for the safety of our coach operator. For example: 56 passenger coach Covid seating = 52 passengers. For exact seating information please visit our vehicle list.  

Does your company require masks aboard the coach? 
For the safety of our motorcoach opeartor, guests aboard the chartered coach must wear their mask while entering and exiting the coach. 

Is luggage being handled during Covid-19? 
Motorcoach Operators will not be assisting with the loading or unloading of luggage to/from the luggage compartment during Covid-19. 

Is a driver gratuity included in the quotation/order?

No, gratuities are not included in the quotation/order price and can be provided to your driver at your discretion. Most of our customers choose to provide the driver with a percentage of their total trip cost while others provide a flat fee of $3 to $5 per person, per day. Gratuities are always appreciated but not required. 

Is my group responsible for the driver's meals?

No, the motorcoach operator normally takes care of their own meals.

Who is responsible for the driver's lodging?

We ask that the group take care of the driver's lodging whenever possible. It is of benefit to the group to have the driver located at the same hotel and many times the group is able to secure a better rate for the driver’s room at the hotel. Be sure to double check with your hotel that there is adequate parking for a large motorcoach.

Who is responsible for parking and permits?

Because often times we do not know exact stops and cost, parking and permits are the responsibility of the chartering party. Please be prepared to pay for parking and permits as they occur on the trip. 

Is there a limit on how far and how long the Motorcoach Operator can drive in a day?

Yes! Anderson Coach & Travel adheres to all Driver Hours of Service requirements mandated by the United States Department of Transportation. A motorcoach operator is permitted to drive no longer than 10 hours and can be on duty for no more than 15 hours prior to having at least 9 hours off. Our sales team can assist you with a better understanding of these rules for the safety of your group and our driver.

What if the price of fuel is high? Do we have to pay extra?

Based on the National Fuel Index, Anderson may assess a fuel surcharge on your charter trip. If you pay the full balance within 10 days of booking, no surcharge will be added beyond what was included in your quote. However, if you wait to pay your balance until closer to the departure date, Anderson reserves the right to add a fuel surcharge based on economic conditions and the price of fuel 30 days prior to your trip. Our charter sales team will be able to tell you if this is in effect at the time of booking.  Click here for more information about our fuel index. 

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