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Charter Tips

  1. Provide a clear, detailed schedule for what your trip involves.

    Be sure the charter bus company knows departure time and location, destination address, the hours the driver must be available for your group, return times and any other stops.

    Anderson Coach & Travel requires a detailed itinerary on all charters 20 days prior to trip departure. 
  2. How long has the company been in business?

    Find out when the coach bus company was established and how long it has been under the same ownership. A good track record is always desirable.

    Anderson Coach & Travel started in 1937 by O.D. and Dot Anderson. The company has been family-owned and operated ever since and our founders’ son and grandsons now proudly carry on their legacy. Read more About Us.
  3. What are the bus company’s U.S. Department of Transportation and military safety ratings?

    A satisfactory rating is standard. Never charter with a company that has an unsatisfactory or conditional rating. Check with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to verify a company’s safety rating. 

    Look Before You Book

    Anderson Coach & Travel has a satisfactory rating from the DOT, which is the highest possible rating. Our DOT # is 000337. 
  4. Ask for references.

    Request contact references from other groups traveling with the company. Never charter with a company unwilling to provide references.

    Anderson Coach & Travel will provide references upon request.
  5. Does the company adhere to Department of Transportation driver regulations?

    The DOT limits drivers to 15 hours of continuous service but they may only drive 10 hours during that duration. If your itinerary requires more than the limit, ask how the charter company is going to handle it.

    Anderson conforms to all USDOT regulations! Click here to read more about those hour of service regulations. 
  6. Ask the company’s procedures for over-the-road emergencies.

    The operator should have access to a nationwide reciprocal maintenance agreement, assuring you of prompt servicing of equipment in all regions of the USA.

    Anderson Coach & Travel is a member of the International Motorcoach Group (IMG), which provides a network of companies across the nation to assist in case of a mechanical issue. This facilitates a quicker response for service or coach replacements anywhere in the United States or Canada. 
  7.  Is the company available for inspection?

    You may want to inspect the motorcoach equipment, general offices and garage facilities. You can tell a lot about a company just by looking at it.

    Anderson Coach & Travel can provide you with a tour of our facility upon request.
  8. Do the coaches have television/video equipment?

    Video-equipped buses can be helpful for you and your passengers. You can view education videos or help pass the time with movies.

    Anderson Coach & Travel vehicles are all equipped with DVD players and multiple screens throughout the coach. At this time we do not offer satellite TV. 
  9. Who pays for the driver’s hotel room?

    Find out the company’s policy to ensure you know all of your costs up front.

    With Anderson Coach & Travel, the customer is responsible for securing and paying for the driver’s room. This usually gives your group the best room rate. Having your driver stay at the same hotel allows for better customer service, but the driver is not required to stay at the same hotel as the group. However, please keep in mind that the customer must make sure that there is adequate parking for the motorcoach at the hotel chosen for the driver. 
  10. Who is responsible for extra mileage costs above the contracted amount?

    Find out the carrier’s policy before the trip – not when you receive the bill.

    Anderson Coach & Travel bills the customer for any additional mileage and extra time that was not included in the original charter agreement. Any itinerary changes must adhere to DOT regulations regarding driver hours of service and may be subject to management approval. The chartering party will be required to sign a customer correspondence form that stipulates that changes to the trip may affect costs. 
  11. Is the company that you are chartering with properly insured?

    Ask to see a copy of the company’s insurance policy.

    Anderson Coach & Travel is fully insured for your safety. Click here to see a copy of our insurance certificate. 
  12. How will fuel costs affect your trip?

    Be sure to ask the company if an increased cost in fuel will increase the cost of your charter.

    With Anderson Coach & Travel, a fuel surcharge may be applied based on the National Fuel Index. We evaluate those prices about 30 days prior to a trip’s departure date. Inquire with your sales associate at the time of booking. Click here for more information about our fuel index. 

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