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Planning a bus trip can seem like a daunting task, but we are here to help! Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you need more info, call or email us

On Board FAQs

How is Anderson adhering to the CDC guidelines regarding Covid-19? 
We have enhanced our sanitization process, equipped our vehicles with the ActivePure Air Filtration System and have provided our employees with personal protection equipment such as masks and gloves. To learn more, visit our CLEAN CARE information page. 

How is seating on board the coach being handled during Covid-19? 
Seating on board the coach is at the discretion of the chartering party. However, the first 2 seats on each side (4 seats total) are reserved for the safety of our coach operator. For example: 56 passenger coach Covid seating = 52 passengers. For exact seating information please visit our vehicle list.  

Does your company require masks aboard the coach? 
For the safety of our motorcoach opeartor, guests aboard the chartered coach must wear their mask while entering and exiting the coach. 

Is luggage being handled during Covid-19? 
Motorcoach Operators will not be assisting with the loading or unloading of luggage to/from the luggage compartment during Covid-19. 

Can we take food or drinks on the bus?

Certainly! Food and drinks are permitted on board the coach. We simply ask that you help the driver out by cleaning up after yourself with the garbage bags provided and that you refrain from bringing dairy products, such as milk and ice cream, on board (they are more difficult to clean).

Can we bring alcoholic beverages on the coach?

If you intend to bring alcoholic beverages on board the coach, this must be pre-arranged through the office and a refundable beverage deposit is required. An automatic beverage fee may also be assessed if you are attending a concert, sporting event or other event as deemed necessary by our charter team. Please Note: The chartering party is responsible for compliance with all laws and regulations related to service and consumption of alcohol, for controlling the consumption of alcohol, and for managing the conduct of members of the group to ensure their safety.

Can we smoke on the motorcoach?

No. Anderson has a no smoking policy on board their buses, which includes e-cigarettes. If your group wishes to smoke, we would be happy to make rest stops as needed.

How much luggage can we bring along on the trip?

Each passenger is permitted to bring one standard size piece of luggage (not to exceed 50lbs) to be stored under the coach and one small piece of luggage (without wheels) to be placed in the overhead luggage storage. Of course, there is plenty of room on board our coaches, so chartering parties needing more space are welcome to bring additional items. You can find the dimensions of our luggage bays on our vehicle pages. The motorcoach operator is not permitted to help with the loading or unloading of any item that exceeds 50lbs. Anderson is not liable for loss of any personal items or luggage stored in or under the coach.

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