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Every trip I’ve been on with Anderson since joining the team in May 2014 has been fun! I enjoy the multi-day trips especially because they give me more opportunity to get to know our great guests. In fact, on one Anderson trip to Ohio Amish country I found a traveler who had links to three different branches of my large extended family!  

Every new tour is a wonderful opportunity to learn. I really loved a summer Tennessee tour with Anderson that included several concerts with amazing seats. Seeing stars from the 4th row was extra special. And often you see new things on each visit to places you’ve previously been. My favorite places to go are anywhere with mountains or the ocean, rivers, lakes or streams. Anywhere I haven’t been before is always a great time!

 A retired engineer in the automotive industry, my hobbies are reading, fly fishing, hunting and riding back roads. Everyone should embrace travel to see what new, exciting things await around the next bend!

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