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Anderson Family With Pure Air FiltrationAnderson has equipped our entire fleet with the powerful Pure Air Filtration Technology! We are going above and beyond to keep passengers safe. The Pure Air Filtration System has been proven to reduce and eliminate viruses, bacteria, and allergens in the air and on every surface up to 99.96% - this includes the Covid-19 virus.

Pure Air Filtration Technology was designed by NASA to be utilized aboard the International Space Station. Today, it is used in multiple hospitals, professional sports venues, homes across the country and onboard our coaches. 

About the Pure Air Filtration System

We’re so confident in this product that we have recommended it to numerous motorcoach companies, schools, and businesses! Be sure to inquire about special bus fleet pricing via a referral from Anderson!

ASK US ABOUT THE NEW ACTIVE PURE INDUCT SYSTEM for school buses, offices and more! 

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