Already Booked - Fundraising Ideas

 We realize one of the biggest challenges facing educators, advisors and organizers planning trips is finding a way to pay for it. If you're looking for ways to help your group members raise money to cover their costs, we've got some tips for you!

Have you considered an Anderson Charter as a fundraiser?
Read more about it here. 
More suggestions:
  • Daffin's Candies
  • Hold a Chinese auction
  • Host a vendor or craft show
  • Pizza Joe's
  • Home-based sales or parties - Odds are someone in your group knows a sales representative.
  • Sell stuff - Talk to your local businesses to see if they have any fundraising programs you can take part in.
  • Tried-and-true options - Car washes, bake sales and pancake/spaghetti, ice cream suppers are all go-to fundraisers for a reason! 
  • Do chores in your community for tips - You can offer a specific service, like raking leaves or weeding gardens, or have volunteers sign up for different things.
  • Cook-Off event - Go with a theme (chili, mac and cheese, soups, chicken wings, etc.) or tie it to your cause.
  • Sporting event - People love to have fun while giving back. Try a golf scramble, charity basketball game or a bowling tournament to raise funds.
  • Use your talents - If you're a choir group, consider selling singing telegrams. Or ask folks in your town to pitch in with a service auction.
  • Online fundraisers - There are several sites you can use to ask for donations. This is known as "crowdfunding." Be sure to do your homework on which programs are best for you and your donors.
  • Throw a "Don't Come" event - Send out invitations for something spectacular that you don't plan on really happening. People are busy but would like to give to a worthy cause and this is a humorous way to ask for donations.

Please note that the links above are provided only as suggestions. Anderson Coach & Travel does not endorse any of these options.

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